Sunday, June 10, 2007


10th JUNE
Carnival Day was yesterday...

Weather was fine (and hot); Bob turned up with his huge van on time - house was too tall so I had to quickly saw the legs off (the house, not Bob's). They were only there for stability while I build it so weren't needed. Made it into the van with 1mm to spare!

We assembled at the start and a great atmosphere ensued as the floats started to arrive.

We got our costumes sorted and were ready for the judging... The local (Tory) MP was impressed by the wind turbine (obviously sucking up to his boss!) - but was quick to point out that we weren't helping the environment by our coal fire... I muttered something about carbon offsetting and it seemed to satisfy him.

We set off and really enjoyed the reaction from the onlookers during the 1 hour glide round the village.

Guess what... WE WON THE TROPHY for the 'Best Decorated Bicycle' (which included the main house of course!)! (the organisers asked us if we could transfer our entry from 'foot Party' to that category, - there were loads of really great foot party entries!) The boys were delighted!

End for another year... I've promised not to start talking about plans for next year until mid Jan 2008, or when the theme is announced (I still want to built a couple of Daleks!).

By the way, the boys loved dismantling the float today...

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